The club was owned by Mick Parker.

Visitors were met on the door, at various times, by John Tilson, Winston Hickton, George, who always wore a bow tie and smoked cigars, and Terry Flynn.

Cloakroom attendants included Lorna Hickton and Lucy Parker, Mick’s mum.

Serving in the coffee and coke bar was June Tilson.

Jeanette Frith worked in the club and Robert Copley was the glass, bottle and rubbish collector.

Amongst the DJ’s who played the music to get everyone dancing were Barry Kendrick,  John Smith, Dave and as a guest Pete Stringfellow.


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One thought on “Staff

  1. Hi , I had a stint at being a DJ although I didn’t use the mic , I just played the music all night ,I loved it it must have been in 1967 in between the talking djs . June and John Tilson lived across the road fro us so used to bring me home at night from the Dungeon , I was paid 2/6d a night in the week and 5 shillings at the weekend , of course I didn’t have to pay to go in so it was great …. Dawn Bullivant


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