The following cutting appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post prior to the opening of the club.


It states:

Dungeon Dungeon Dungeon
Nottingham’s own Cavern Club. Get your membership now from ‘The Beat Club’.
PS – It’s only 1 Bob.

‘Great Groups, Great Place’


Fri 10th *** Opening Night ***
Liverpools’s Great Decca R&B Group
The Dennisons
Big Ugly Dane & the Diamonds
(Admission: 5/-)
Sat 11th London’s Famous All Girl Group
The Ladybirds

Scotland’s Top Show Band
The Corvettes
(Admission: 5/-)
Sun 12th Nottingham’s Top R&B Group
The Jaybirds
From North of the Border
The Navarones
(Admission: 4/-)
Fri 17th ‘Rhythm & Blues Night’ with
Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions
Sat 18th The Sensational Kinky
Sun 19th ‘They’re in Town Again – Who ??’
The Greatest, The Way-out
Fri 24th Authentic Rhythm & Blues Stars
Alex Harvey’s Soul Band
Sat 25th ‘Shout! Shout! Shout!’
First time in Nottingham
Lulu & the Luvvers
Plus surprise supporting group
Sun 26th Real Live R&B from the North
Victor Brox Blues Train
Pussyfoot 4
Doors Open 7:30 Members Only
Fri 31st The wild & exciting
Pussyfoot 4

‘They’re Gear, They’re Fab, Way Out Man’ 


Sat 1st ‘The group that are climbing in big ‘Strides’
Sun 2nd From the Cavern to the Dungeon
Liverpool’s famous recording stars
Don’t be late will ya!
Also from North of Nottingham
Door Open 7:30 Members
‘A Great Weekend’s entertainment’
Fri 7th A Great Rhythm-Blues Group
John Lee’s Groundhogs
Sat 8th Johnny Milton & the Condors
plus surprise support group
Sun 9th They are definitely the kinkiest
You’ve asked for them, We get ’em
Also a surprise in store for you
Come and see for yourself!
Doors swingin’ 7:30
Fri 14th Return of the fantastic
Nottingham’s Pye recording group
The Beatmen
Two top line groups on one night
Sat 15th London’s fabulous R&B Group
Falling Leaves
You must not miss this
Sun 16th Our own very sensational
Doors open 7:30 pm Don’t Be Late
Fri 21st The sensational, electrifying
Dave Berry & the Cruisers
‘The Crying Game’
In person for one night only
The Hot Dogs
Sat 22nd You’ll have a rave with
The Downliners Sect
‘Real Earthy, Gutsy rhythm & blues’
Sun 23rd When you think of R&B.
You Must See, They’re Great.
The Soul Agents
Session begin 7:30 pm Don’t Be Late
‘This Is The Place, Man’
Fri 28th Jimmy Crawford & the Chantelles
Sat 29th London’s Top Rhythm & Blues Group
Crawdaddies Featuring Tony Colton
Sun 30th Come Early So As Not To Miss
‘The Greatest Rave In Town’

‘This Is The Place, Man’ 


Sat 5th Authentic Rhythm & Blues with
Mickey Finn & the Blue Men
Decca recording Stars
Sun 6th The Sensational Re Bounding
Decca’s new Sound Sensations
Plus support group Attraction
Doors swingin’ 7:30 pm Don’t Be Late
Fri 11th Rhythm & Blues from London
‘Pulsating, exciting, Hot Rhythm’
Sat 12th ‘I’ve Got My Mojo Working’
First Visit to the Fabulous Dungeon
Sun 13th ‘They All Say The Guy Is Great’
The sensational
Bern Elliot & the Klan
Beaconsville Rhythm & Blues
A Great Weekend’s Entertainment
A Real Swingin’ Shakin’ Weekend
Doors Open 7:30 pm Don’t Be Late
Fri 18th We proudly present
Robb Storme & the Whispers
The Orients
Sat 19th London’s Decca Recording Artists
The Jynxs
Plus Support Group
Sun 20th Return by Your Demand
R&B Greats
Mickey Finn & the Blue Men
Fri 25th Decca Recording Stars
The Pigs
Sat 26th Long John Baldry & the Hoochie Coochie Men
featuring Rod Stewart
Sun 27th ‘The Boys with Powdered Wigs’
Decca Recording Artists
Plus Nottingham’s Own

‘Pulsating, Exciting, Hot Rhythm’


Fri 2nd Decca Recording Artistes
Plus Support Group
Sat 3rd First time ever in Nottingham
Cliff Adams & the Twilights
Plus Support Group
Sun 4th R&B with
Alex Harvey’s Soul Band
Wed 7th John Lee Hooker
Backed by John Lee’s Groundhogs
Fri 9th Resident BBC II Group
Peter & the Headliners
Plus Support Group
Sat 10th Decca Recording Artistes
Plus Support Group
Sun 11th Shane & the Shane Gang
Fri 16th Mickey Finn & the Blue Men
Sat 17th Decca Recording Artistes
Magic Moments
Plus Support Group
Sun 18th In person for one night only
Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions
Fri 23rd Contrast with Bill Forbes
The Fontaines
Sat 24th London R&B
Wild Ones
Sun 25th Decca’s fantastic Recording Artistes
The Boy who made ‘Kelly’
Wayne Gibson & the Dynamic Sounds
Fri 30th Direct from America
R&B’s ‘Big’ ‘Little’ Name
Little Walter
A Must for All True R&B Fans
Sat 31st Fortunes
Plus Support Group

‘A Real Swingin’, Shakin’ Weekend’ 


Sun 1st He’s back ! Who ?
Robb Storme & the Whispers
Fri 6th Danny Storm & the Strollers
Sat 7th Decca Recording Artistes
Grant Tracy & the Sunsets
Sun 8th On Pye
Erkey Grant & the Tonettes
Fri 13th London’s Great Sensation
Donny Mitchell & the Soundsations
Sat 14th Liverpool’s Fantastic Coloured Group
The Chants
Sun 15th ‘Call up The Groups’
First visit to the Dungeon
Barron Knights
Fri 20th Decca Recording Artistes
Plus Support Group
Sat 21st First Time in Town
Plus Support Group
Sun 22nd Linda Laine & the Sinners
Fri 27th R&B
Mickey Finn & the Blue Men
Sat 28th ‘Seven Golden Daffodils’
Plus Support Group
Sun 29th Decca recording artistes
‘Have you seen Fairies at the bottom of your garden?
‘Then see them this Sunday at the Dungeon Club’
Plus Support Group

‘Authentic Rhythm & Blues’ 


Fri 4th Nottingham’s own
Sat 5th Britain’s Top Show Band
Original Checkmates
Don’t miss this fantastic show
Sun 6th We proudly present
Liverpool’s Sensational
Fri 11th Back by public demand
Robb Storme & the Whispers
Sat 12th Adam Faith’s backing group
Sun 13th For one night only, the fantastic
Gene Vincent & the Shouts
Fri 18th Gonks
Sat 19th ‘Be a Sect Maniac’
Find out What Happening with the
Downliners Sect
This Saturday at the Dungeon
PS they’ve got ‘Sect Appeal’
Sun 20th London’s latest
Direct from the Dusty Springfield Tour
Fri 24th First time ever in Nottingham
Decca Recording Artistes
Sun 26th Escorts
Thu 31st Pye Recording Artistes
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