‘The Sounds of 1968’


Wed 3rd The Wednesday Scene
(Admission: 3/-)
Fri 5th Dancing Party
Sat 6th Big Night Out
The Pete Stringfellow Show
Sun 7th All American all day Marathon 2-11
We proudly present one of America’s
Greatest Soul Singers
‘Mr Warm and Soulful’
Garnett Mimms
The Dungeon guarantees this to be one of the
greatest shows ever to be presented in Nottingham
On stage at 5.00 & 9.00 – two fantastic shows
Plus Clockwork Orange
Don’t be late, be ‘In’
Fri 12th All American spectacular
Featuring America’s greatest ever vocal group For the first time ever in Nottingham
‘With This Ring’
‘Only You’
The Platters
Trend featuring Bob Mather
Sat 13th The Pete Stringfellow Show
Pete will be on stage 8.30 to 10.30
Doors 7.30 till 11.0
Sun 14th ** All Day Marathon **
(Price: 6/-)
Wed 17th Just follow the crowds
Fri 19th Party Nights
The Sounds of 1968
7.30 till 8.0 2/6
Sat 20th The Pete Stringfellow Show
Sun 21st ** All Day Marathon **
Nine hours of dancing
Direct from the Shape Club, Belgium
and the Dancing Fiesta Club, Holland
The Hoodoos
2 pm till 11 pm, Yes 2 pm till 11 pm
Fri 26th Party Night
(1/- first 200 1/-)
Sat 27th Big Night Out
The Pete Stringfellow Show
Sun 28th ** All Day Marathon **
Don’t miss this fantastic show!
Mosaic Sunset
Doors 2 pm till 11 pm

‘The Greatest Show in Town’ 


Sat 3rd Big Night Out
The Pete Stringfellow Show
(Only 2/6)
Sun 4th ** All Day Marathon **
2 pm till 11 pm
Fri 9th Dancing Party
7.30 to 7.45 free
Sat 10th Big Night Out
7.30 to 8 pm Yes only 2/6
Sun 11th The Greatest Show in Town
Bakerloo Blues Line
2 pm till 11 pm
Fri 16th Big Party Night
Sat 17th Discotheque 1968
(First 200 2/6)
Sun 18th ** All Day Marathon **
2 – 11
(Admission 2 pm – 3 pm only 3/-)


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