“I remember the Dungeon so well. Spent most of my time in there.”

“Saw the Small Faces down there, brilliant place, no other club could beat it.”

“Saw many great acts there in the sixties. Sonny boy Williamson, Yardbirds, Rod Stewart, Graham Bond Organisation with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. Nottingham’s number 1 club.”

“Great club, saw some great acts down there including Edwin Starr, Spellbinders, Amen Corner, Lee Dorsey, to name but a few. Great place to be in the 60s, made some good friends.”

“Loved the Dungeon.”

“Nowhere else to be on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Never did an all-nighter – mam put her foot down and 11 pm was my deadline! Only soft drinks on sale so round to the Salutation for cider. Happy days.”

“ I can remember it and being banned from my parents going there – ‘nice girls don’t go to places like that.’ Of course, that made me want to go more – but I never did. That was in the 60s.”

“There were a lot of nice girls went there. Possibly sneaked out or rebelled a little? Yes in the 60s.”

“ Yes, but my parents came from a generation where all this was alien to them. My father used to have a fit if I wore make up. This I did rebel with, my Dusty Springfield eyes and pale lipstick.”

“My sister used to go in the evenings to see the groups but I never managed to do that. However I did meet up with my mod friends at the Dungeon on a Sunday afternoon. Only soft drinks on sale but that didn’t matter. Good times.”

“Never realised there were so many famous people on there though …”

“I absolutely loved the Dungeon,we practically lived down there. The all-nighters,all the groups/famous singers and the atmosphere was just brilliant. Wish I could do it all again, they were happy days. One thing that sticks in my mind is on a Saturday when they used to show Batman and Robin (LOL)”

“… it’s unbelievable what went on down that little cellar!”

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