The Mini Boys

Mods travelled over to the seaside particularly at Bank Holidays for ‘confrontation’ with Rockers. From Nottingham, the nearest place was Skeggie (Skegness) on the Lincolnshire coast. Some also went for a get-away or holiday.

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18 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Oh what a life, brilliant atmosphere great scene great especially Friday nights after ready steady go, we had it all, mohair suit, measured up by (Duke) at burtons hockley, a pink Ben Sherman from The Birdcage, and a cold night on the cobbles having been frisked by the Fuzz, what a raid that was, the dance floor was covered especially the back alcove, as you will all recall, we were all barred from the pubs Sawyers being one of the last before we crossed the road in desperation and went to Towers in Broadmarsh bus station, now there’s a pub with history.
    Roger Adams where are you, best centre forward who could head a ball, Sue Maddern love of my life first love where are you now.


  2. I loved the Dungeon Club I used to go with Pauline Peck Carole Smith etc we knew Randy Reid Graham Whalley Ray Tassi Happy Days

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    1. Hi Wendy thanks for the comment, maybe you have some memories to share. There is a photo with Pauline Peck on and another girl we don’t know at the moment – maybe you recognise her. Have you seen the photos taken at the regular meet-ups – you probably know some of them. I could mention your name to Graham and Ray when I see them next week.
      Cheers Maurice


  3. Gordon Bennet……. messing about on the net, Googled “Nottingham Dungeon” and what a trip down memory lane:
    Carol Heithus, Amy Spence, Shirley Taylor, Sue Maddern, Jimmy Fahy, Dave Small, Phil Long……. there was no end to them all

    First live gig I saw was The Yardbirds with Eric Clapton and my 15 minutes of fame was when Steve Marriott said: I like yer jumper mate”

    I’ll keep watching to see all the “faces” popping [ no, not Purple Hearts] up

    Jeff Allen


    1. Do you know this is Bognor Regis or do you think it looks like Bognor? I was talking to the mini boys yesterday and they thought it was Margate or could have been one or two other places but were not quite sure.


      1. i live in Bognor if you look on google earth and go to Bognor pier the buildings are just to the left , ask them if they ever went to the shoreline club as it was just next to the pier.


    1. Hi Su. Thanks for the comment. Did you know we have a group on Facebook (“The Dungeon Club Reunion Group”) where people discuss the old times and reunite with old friends. Penny (now Lambert) is a member of that group. Additionally there is a monthly reunion meeting, Penny is usually there – the next one is this Friday (28th) from 3.00 p.m in the Newmarket, Nottingham.


      1. I live in Northern Ireland now and travel to Nottingham 2 or 3 times a year. We will be over in August when is the August meeting I will try to get


      2. It will be at the usual, the Newmarket, which is near the Palais. By the way, I will be putting up photos from the last meet-up (last Friday) hopefully later today. Cheers Maurice


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