Here are some sites for anyone with an interest in Mod-related or 1960s-related reading.


Soul & Mod is a website whose focus is to provide information on the subculture of Mod as well as the discussion of Soul music. In addition, it allows users to register their services within the online directory. Also included within this site is an events section. This section allows promoters to advertise forthcoming events for free.


Check out Tony Beesley for the books  that Mods are talking about – “Sawdust Caesars”   and “Mojo Talkin'” Original Voices from the world of Mod culture. There are contributions in both of these books from several people mentioned on this site – those who went to the Dungeon and were at the centre of the Mod world in Nottingham during the 60s.


Garage Hangover is a website which contains contributions from the journalist Nick Warburton about bands who played in the 1960s, covering line-ups, gigs and any other such information. Many of the bands who played at the Dungeon are mentioned.





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