This weekend was the 50th Anniversary of an event which took place at the Dungeon Club and is still talked about today. Everyone has memories and a story to tell.

On Saturday March 11th, 1967, people queued to get into the club – at roughly midnight, an all-nighter would start featuring the Original Drifters. Many had not been to the club for a while, but somehow this night was different and soon the place was packed. Estimates have put the attendance at between 600 and 800 and soon it was jumping, everyone looking forward to a great night.

However, the mood changed at approximately 1:45 a.m. when 100 plus police officers marched down Stanford Street accompanied by double-decker buses and police vans.

It was a raid!!!

The mission was to search for drugs – they carried warrants under the Dangerous Drugs Act.

All the lights were switched on in the club and the slow process began of interviewing and searching everyone. People were either taken to the police station or thrown out onto the streets or some, who were underage, were held until their parents were informed to drive over, pick them up and take them home.

The next day, the incident was big news – it made the national as well as the local papers and TV news. Those who went to school on the Monday were almost national heroes, even teachers asking about the event.

Watch this space – some of the stories will be told here soon.


2 thoughts on “50th Anniversary

  1. I was there but well underage. Taken home by the cops at 5am. My parents went mad as they thought I was staying with a friend – that old one!


  2. I was clean but after being grilled was still thrown out, I walked home along Castle boulevard at 5.00am , it was freezing, they wouldn’t let be back in for my coat under the counter, where Amy had stashed it, I got it back next day, it never was searched,
    although there was nothing in it, it was missed by the FUZZ
    jim Higgins


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