Were they really the Good Old Days? Back in the Sixties, we were told “You’ve never had it so good” and people look back on those times with fondness.

One old mod said “It certainly was (a great scene). I can remember being in the Square on my scooter, and really there was no need for clubbing, the activity there alone was buzzing, I couldn’t wait till Friday nights to start the weekend. Great people, good friends made, you can think back and smile.”

Today these views are questioned. Entertainment and leisure is in your face and has never been so mainstream. We have hundreds of channels on television, access to almost anything on the internet and if we want to go out to see and hear live music, there is plenty about – the big bands in the arenas and large venues along with up to thousands of other people, sometimes seeing your idols on a stage in the far distance; plus generally cover bands or open mic’s in most pubs.

Many of those bands who played in the 60s are still around or have reformed, touring the country with maybe one original member.

Back in those past days, there were only three television channels, no internet, in fact no personal computers or mobile phones. Many did not even have phones in their homes – they had to go to a phone box or just arrange to meet amongst the crowds outside Lyons or by the left lion. People went out for their entertainment to the local pub or one of the many clubs around, some only a little larger than the pubs.

Here is a typical sample of what entertainment was available during one weekend, taken from the ‘Dancing’ column of the Nottingham Evening Post of Thursday February 3rd, 1966.

The Dungeon

  • Thursday – The Small Faces
  • Saturday – The Pedlars
  • Sunday noon – The Two Till Five Show
  • Sunday night – Little Stevie Wonder
  • Wednesday – The Alan Bown Set
  • Sunday – The Action


  • Friday – Dave Anthony’s Moods
  • Saturday – The Rising Sons
  • Sunday – Herbie Goins & the Night-Timers

Britannia Rowing Club (the ‘Brit’)

  • Friday – The Cardinals
  • Saturday – Sons Of Fred
  • Sunday – The Herd

The Boat Club

  • Friday – Blues ‘N’ Roots
  • Sunday – Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds

The Union Club

  • Saturday – The Persuasions
  • Sunday – Davy Sands & The Essex

The Dancing Slipper

  • Friday – The Dickens Set, also Changing Times
  • Monday – The Mansfields

The Rainbow Rooms

  • Saturday – Big Beat Ball with The Mansfields and The Children

The Gallery

  • Thursday – The Riverside Organisation
  • Friday – The Mick Carter Trio
  • Saturday – Stan Robinson Quartet
  • Sunday lunchtime – Jam session
  • Sunday night – Richard Hallam Quartet

Peacock Inn, Redmile

  • Friday – Tony Kent
  • Saturday – New Olympia Band

Cocked Hat, Aspley

  • Thursday – Incrowd

Carousel Club

  • The ‘Playgirl’

Maurice Moore
Newspaper cuttings provided by Eddy Barry.


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