When was your first visit to the Dungeon and what was the first tune you can remember being played or had the biggest impact on you.

Barry Cooper – “If memory serves me right my first visit was in April 1966 and the tune I remember being played was ‘Going To A Go-Go’ by The Miracles … that visit changed my whole life regarding music.

Sharon Wilson – “Loved walking down the stairs hearing this song and straight away wanting to get on the dance floor!”

Barry Cooper – “Another record which brings back a memory on a certain Sunday afternoon all dayer (thanks to Stu Morris for helping me out) is Sam & Dave’s ‘Soothe Me’.”

Craig Strong – “I went Easter Monday 1966 – Must have been a ‘dayer’ and the one I remember was Isleys’ ‘This Old Heart of Mine’.”

Sue Hey – “Four Tops ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’”

Chris Lawson – “1964.  Whatever the music was, it was great. 1966 for our Newark mods it was Newquay.”

Pete Wardle – “A Sunday ‘66 think it was Sam and Dave?”

Jeanette Hutchinson – “Me and Sam 1966. The one that sticks out in Sam’s mind was Ebony Keys’ ‘Sitting in a Ring’. I remember ‘Everythings Gonna be Alright’ by Willie Mitchell.”

Michael Johnson – “Four Seasons, ‘Lets Hang On’ about late 1965, but Sam & Dave’s ‘You Don’t Know like I Know’ always reminds of the Dungeon.”

Jenny Slack – “’You Don’t Know Like I Know’ and ‘Soothe Me’ by Sam and Dave remind me of the Dungeon like yesterday.”

Tim Northern – “Hold on I’m Coming!!!”

Craig Strong – “Who remembers ‘It’s A Wonder’ by them?”

Murray Frew – “About every sixth song used to be a Sam & Dave including ‘You Got Me Humming’, and they played to death Joe Tex ‘Show Me’, which was funny cause it was too fast for most of the dancers, and James & Bobby Purify ‘Shake A Tail Feather’.”

Jacqueline Stapleton – “Definitely ‘Shake a Tail Feather’. Loved dancing to it – so fast.”

Sheila Skinner – “Late ‘64. ‘Its not Unusual’ Tom Jones!! Its all a blur. My favourite memory is ‘Little’ Stevie Wonder being led on the stage.”

Linda Thompson – “I think mine was late ’65. It wasn’t a particular song for me but I stood at the top of Stanford Street and you could feel the atmosphere. Amazing !!”

Trev Poole – “Joe Tex ‘Show Me’ 1966 first sound I heard down the Dungeon.”

Maurice Moore – “I know I first went to the Dungeon in 1965 and I’ve put many of the tracks I remember hearing on my podcast ‘Dungeon Days’. However it is difficult to say what was the first track I heard. Certainly some of the vivid memories come from 1966 (‘Open the Door to Your Heart’ by Darrell Banks and ‘Tell It Like It Is’ by Aaron Neville). But I do remember ‘Night Train’ by James Brown, ‘The Entertainer’ by Tony Clarke and several by Willie Mitchell.”

Alan Jukes – “Late 65 ‘Something About You’ FourTops.”

Kate Cogle – “My first visit was a Sunday afternoon late 1965. ‘Rescue Me’ Fontella Bass … think I have the year right!!”

John Blanche – “First visit October ’65, first record I recall was ‘Walking the Dog’ by Rufus Thomas. The one that had the biggest impact on me a few months later was ‘Going to a G-Go by the Miracles …… not sure when I stopped going early 67?”

Mick Hatcher – “A Sunday in ’65. Willie Mitchell, ‘That Driving Beat’. ’65-‘68 and you didn’t need to go inside to hear the music. I remember the night the Four Tops’ ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’ came out, it was played continually all night.”

Paul Thorpe – “Sunday afternoons – We’d get off the bus at the top of St James Street (Maid Marian Way), cut through to Hounds Gate & down the alleyway to Castle Gate opposite the top of Stanford Street … once we got to the alleyway we could hear the Bung music echoing off the walls, can still hear it now, up steps in through the front door, down those stone steps to the basement, blinking all the way to get your eyes focused to the dark, wonder we didn’t fall down those steps sometimes wet from condensation … what memories!!”

Paul Terry Watson – “You paint the picture well, Paul, the walls were damp too.”

Barry Cooper – “So relate to this Paul, walking through that alleyway …”

Paul Thorpe – “My years were late ‘65 to early ‘68 … without doubt, the most formative years of my life, musically & growingupally …

“Here’s some of my memories, added to most of the above;

  • ‘Night Train’ – James Brown,
  • ‘Just a Little Misunderstanding’ – The Contours,
  • ‘First I Look at the Purse’ – The Contours,
  • ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ – Bunny Sigler,
  • ‘Boogaloo Party’ – The Flamingoes,
  • ‘Two Can Have a Party’ – Tammi Terrell

………. the list goes on.”

Kath Shaw – “Late ‘64-‘67 for me. ‘Going to a Go-Go’, smashing the walls of the Dungeon, brill.”

Sam Moore – “Here are some of the ones I remember amongst the more popular ones … from late 1965 till it changed names then only went a few times …

  • ‘Mellow Moonlight’ Roy Docker
  • ‘Sitting in a Ring’ Ebony Keys
  • ‘Do the Teasey’ Joyce Bond
  • ‘Keep off no Trespassing’ Marvelettes
  • ‘Mohair Sam’ Charlie Rich
  • ‘Love is after me’ Charlie Rich”

Jeanette Hutchinson – “My memory of what sticks in my mind …

  • ‘The Philly Freeze’ Alvin Cash
  • ‘Willy Nilly’ Rufus Thomas.
  • ‘Sad Song’ Otis Redding.”

Roger Lowe – “The first track I heard at the bung was Shirley Ellis The Clapping Song.”

Linda Thompson – “Every one of my friends loved that record but I hated it. Really found it irritating.”

Stuart Morris – “Interesting one this. First time I went it was on a Tuesday night in late ’65 with a classmate from school. It was all a blur to be honest. The next time, couple of months later, I took notice. Barry was DJ-ing and I most remember, ‘You’re Not an Ordinary Girl’ by the Temptations, B side of ‘Beauty is Only Skin Deep’.”

Barry Cooper – “Great B side Stu, this still gets played..”

Murray Frew – “I bet not many can remember the first record they heard on their first visit? I was going down all those concrete stairs with the music getting louder and louder, then at the bottom the record changed, and there was this huge bass noise blasting out – ‘It’s All Right’ by JJ Jackson.”

Tim Northern – “’Reflections’ the Supremes.”

Barry Cooper – “’Shake Me Wake Me’ – Four Tops.”


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