A brick… But not any old brick, not an ordinary brick.

This brick was retrieved from the back wall of the stage downstairs at the Dungeon. It is still painted black on one side – the whole of the downstairs room was painted predominantly black.

It is a relic, an artefact from a time long gone, but forever present in the cherished memories of the surviving Dungeoneers, that intrepid band of adventurers who dared to enter this ‘den of iniquity’ and sample its delights. If it could talk, it would have many stories to tell.

This is not the only brick retrieved from that wall. However, sadly, another one was built into a garden wall and when the owner moved on, it broke his heart to leave it there. Was it still painted black? We’ll never know.

Do any other such relics exist? The search is on…

Maurice Moore
Brick & story provided by Mick Hatcher, brick retrieved by Michael Johnson.


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